R&D and Engineering for unique solutions: ISOLA hoses

In-house engineering, research and development and dedicated testing area will support any Customer specific need. Yokohama Marine Hose products Italian division (YI-IT) is focused on special and complex projects, thanks also to a dedicated Customer Project Management. Each single phase of the project, from Engineering to Supply chain, Manufacturing & Testing and delivery will be under control and constantly monitored.

isola hose

ISOLA hose:  technical overview

isola hose
Basic marine hose components
hose reliability

Advantages of Steel Wire Cords reinforcement

  • Very high tensile material, less layers of reinforcement plies needed

  • Very reliable and field proven design

  • Stable mechanical properties during the curing process and the operating conditions

  • Negligible strength loss due to aging phenomena

  • Outstanding fatigue behavior (all wire cords directly from the Tire Industry being developed to withstand millions of cycles without any failure!)

Piston Leak Dection System available for all ISOLA and Seaflex hoses


ISOLA hose code system

Nomenclature example:

isola nomenclature